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Clarence, NY Fencing Contractor

Privacy. Aesthetics. Safety. Pet-friendliness.

All of these are reasons that you may want a fence. Whether your reason for wanting a new fence for your Clarence, NY home is one, a few, or even all of these reasons, you won't find a better fence company than The Vinyl Outlet. The Vinyl Outlet is a vinyl fencing contractor located in western New York that offers top quality vinyl fencing installed by expert fencing contractors that have years of experience installing vinyl fencing.

Clarence, NY Fencing Contractor

Advantages of Vinyl Fencing

At The Vinyl Outlet we only install vinyl fences. The reason we are specifically a vinyl fencing company is because we recognize the amazing resilience in vinyl fences. Vinyl fences offer all of the following advantages over traditional metal or wooden fences:

  • More durable; never chipping, rotting, or splintering
  • Weather resistant and water resistant
  • Color doesn't fade from time or from weather
  • Insects can't burrow into vinyl and almost never choose to nest under or near vinyl fences
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Most importantly: they can withstand Buffalo winters without a scratch!

Our experienced fencing contractors know that, after hundreds of fencing installations in Western New York, vinyl fences are the only ones that don't require maintenance or repair visits. That is why we started only doing vinyl fence installations, and that is how our reputation in Clarence, NY and Western New York grew. That is how we became The Vinyl Outlet, Buffalo's biggest and best fence company!

Clarence Fence Company

New Fencing on a Budget

We understand that you are probably planning your fence on a budget. Are you also factoring in maintenance, repair, and cleaning costs; ten years, five years, or even a year or two down the line? With a vinyl fence from The Vinyl Outlet, you don't have to! Vinyl fences can go years, decades without needing any maintenance or repair, and can easily be cleaned with just soap and water.

The Vinyl Outlet also always provides a free estimate before any work is done, and our team will work with you to choose a fence that best serves your needs, while staying within your budget. Because we custom build our fences, we have plenty of options that are both attractive and inexpensive.

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If you need a fencing contractor in Clarence, NY, contact The Vinyl Outlet, the best vinyl fencing company in Western New York, today. Our team will get you started right away. Within an amazingly short time, your Clarence, NY home can be surrounded by a new, bright, modern-looking vinyl fence, that will unquestionably be the talk of the town and the envy of your neighbors!

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VekaDeck Pro

We are the dealer for Veka Deck Products in Buffalo NY. Take a Minute to see why Veka Deck is right for your next deck and why only The Vinyl Outlet can get your quality like VEKAdeck PRO technology.

VEKAdeck™ PRO does not contain organic or cellulosic ingredients which may allow mold growth or degradation. VEKAdeck™ PRO contains pure PVC and non-organic fillers and stabilizers. Environmentally Friendly- PVC is recyclable and saves our precious forest resources. Because VEKAdeck™ PRO is UV and water resistant, chemical treatments are not necessary.

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