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Orchard Park, NY Deck Installation

Orchard Park, NY homeowners take pride in their homes and want the most value from their deck installation. Enjoying the mild, sunny summers of Western New York is a way of life and providing a comfortable outdoor living space for your family to create memories is a necessity. The Vinyl Outlet is a leading supplier and installer of low maintenance, durable vinyl decking that will allow your family to enjoy months of outdoor living.

With over 25 years experience, The Vinyl Outlet is the elite vinyl contractor in Western New York. All vinyl products include a lifetime warranty. Experienced designers and installers work with homeowners to ensure that the deck of your dreams in the final product.

How Does Vinyl Decking Compare with Other Materials?

Orchard Park Deck Installation

With many options from which to choose, vinyl decking is the smart choice. Wood, composite and vinyl are the most common decking materials, but they are not created equally. Constructing a deck is a big investment into the value of your home and you want it to pay off in the end. Increasing the value of your home and providing a great outdoor space should be the primary goals. Vinyl decking is the most durable and maintenance free decking option, guaranteed to last for decades.

Wood decks are less expensive, but weather conditions require wood decking to be continuously maintained and refinished, especially with the harsh winters of Orchard Park, NY and Western New York's Southtowns. Homeowners eventually spend more on wood decking when they are required to resand and stain each year. In addition, wood decks attract termites and ants, allowing them to nest near your home.

Composite decking is composed of a mixture of recycled wood fibers with a plastic binder added. More durable than wood, composite decking still absorbs moisture and can warp and develop mold and mildew. It also requires staining and some degree of maintenance.

Homeowners choose vinyl decking for the following reasons:

  • 100% vinyl with no wood fillers
  • Stands up to Orchard Park, NY's harsh weather
  • Low Maintenance
  • No worry of splinters or dangerous insect infestation
  • Durable

Free Consultation and Estimate with The Vinyl Outlet

The Vinyl Outlet is eager to provide a consultation for your new deck options. Contact us today for an in home estimate and begin designing and building the outdoor spaces that your family desires.

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