Hamburg, NY Custom Fencing

No Hamburg, NY home is complete without the elegant privacy and security of custom fencing. The Vinyl Outlet is Hamburg, NY and Western New York's premier vinyl fence designer and installer, carrying only the highest quality PVC vinyl fencing product. Customized fencing completes your dream home allowing for the security and privacy that you deserve. Installed by the finest and most experienced craftsmen, The Vinyl Outlet will install custom fencing that will leave the neighbors envious.

Why Choose Vinyl Fencing?Hamburg Custom Fencing

There are many options from which to choose when selecting a fencing product. Wood, composite and vinyl are the most common fencing materials. Installing custom fencing is an investment, not just into the value of your home, but into your family's privacy and security, as well. Vinyl fencing is the most durable and maintenance free customized fencing option, guaranteed to last for decades.

Although wood fences are less expensive, weather conditions require wood product to be continuously maintained and refinished, especially with the harsh winters of Western New York. Composite fencing is manufactured from a mixture of recycled wood fibers combined with a plastic component for binding. More durable than wood, composite decking still absorbs moisture and can mold and mildew in humid weather conditions. Many homeowners regret their choice to install wood or composite fencing, especially when they are required to maintain it yearly.

Hamburg, NY homeowners who want the best investment for their home choose vinyl fencing for the following reasons:

  • Made from 100% vinyl with no wood fillers
  • Perfect for harsh weather conditions
  • Maintenance free
  • Provides custom, high quality privacy options
  • Long term durability and security

Vinyl Fencing Options

With numerous color and style options available, customized fences add unique style to your property.

  • Color Option. Three fade resistance options.
  • Decorative Toppers. Picket, lattice, and more.
  • Transition Panels. Create multiple heights.
  • Gates. Adding strength and security, single or double gates are available in multiple styles.
  • Caps. Top off your fence in style.

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