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Free Estimate!

Free Estimate!

For railings:

  1. Make a drawing of your project. Detail posts and rail sections
  2. If posts are already existing 4x4's take a post to post measurement
  3. Figure out which color rails you would like on your house, options available are white, tan, and khaki.
  4. Figure out which spindle option you would like. Options include squares, and colonials, other options are available.
  5. For stair sections the rise and run* of the entire stair system is needed to accurately route the rails for the angle of the stairs.

Railing Install Measurement Guide

For Fencing:

  1. Figure out how much fencing you will need for your project along with the desired height of your fence.
  2. Make a detailed drawing, indicating the various posts needed, end posts, corner posts, and T-posts.
  3. Our fence sections come in various designs figure out which design would look best with your home, from full privacy to picket fencing.

For Decking:

  1. Figure out what size deck you are building and how many deck boards will be needed
  2. Make a detailed drawing, if railings will be needed indicate them on the drawing including posts.
  3. We carry VEKAdeck™ Pro decking, which comes in Walnut, Grey, and Khaki, determine which color you want your deck to be.
  4. Figure out how you want your deck boards to be placed on the deck, The Vinyl Outlet recommend either parallel or perpendicular to your home to limit waste on the deck boards. 

This is for the serious Do-It-Yourself person and please remember to measure twice, cut once as being a custom fabricated product all sales are final.

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