Vinyl Porch Rebuilds

Ever wish you could give your porch a serious makeover? You may think that rebuilding a porch is too expensive, but depending on your porch's foundation, you can get a new porch for significantly decreased cost. With less demolition, clean-up, and supplies required to lay a foundation, rebuilding a porch is a sensible way to improve the value of your home. When possible, The Vinyl Outlet offers rebuilding surfaces after determining whether your porch's existing foundation is sound. We'll be able to tear off any old, deteriorated material on top and replace it with maintenance-free vinyl that will give your home beauty and lasting value.


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Why Should You Choose A Vinyl Porch?

At The Vinyl Outlet, we create beautiful and durable porches with the strongest vinyl materials on the market. With a vinyl porch. you no longer have to sacrifice your time to scrape off paint chips, stain, re-paint or seal. Instead, you'll spend more time enjoying your porch and making your neighborhood a better place. 

Learn more about the products we use and the benefits of using vinyl.

VekaDeck Vinyl Porch Material

The Benefits Of Using Vinyl

  • Resists Fading: Our high-quality vinyl remains beautiful every season without sanding, sealing, painting and staining. 
  • Water Resistant: Moisture does not absorb or build-up on our vinyl porches, preventing stagnant water from pooling and mold/mildew growth. 
  • Easy To Clean: No need to power-wash, vinyl porches can be cleaned with water and mild soap.
  • Slip Resistant: The embossed wood grain exterior features an anti-skid surface when wet or dry.
  • Splinter-Free: Vinyl material will not splinter, flake or peel, making it safe for family, friends, and pets.

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