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Traditional Wooden Deck

When it comes to getting a new fence, deck or railing system, most people are used to seeing wood as their first option. Some are hesitant to vinyl mostly because they don't understand the benefits or superior vinyl products. Vinyl is becoming homeowners only choice, at The Vinyl Outlet we like to say "our most knowledgeable customer is our best customer". So let us, the vinyl expects help you understand about cellular PVC vinyl and how it's the only product for your home.

When it comes to Decking, Traditionally over the years they have been made of wood. However, after extensive time and costly maintenance year after year, only to end up with a decomposing unstable deck that had to be replaced in the end, homeowners began to seek other decking options. 

The next alternative in decking to eliminate the costly sanding and staining was composite decking. Composite decking came around in the 1990's which is blended up of wood and plastic fillers. While composite was intended to be longer lasting and friendly alternative to wood, it soon became evident the many shortcomings that presented themselves in composite decking. After short time composite decking, since still being made up of wood products that can hold in moisture they shortly start to mold, mildew, crumble, split, fade, and decompose. What is worse is composite is more costly than wood with only a 5-15 year life span. Composite decking cannot be refinished or recycled leaving the home owner with rotting heavy material and an investment in a landfill. The Vinyl Outlet is constantly replacing composite decking with our customers always repeating the same thing, "well that was an investment wasted".

Capped Composite with Mold and Mildew

Capped Composite with mold and mildew

After decades of testing products, finally a long lasting solution for superior virtually maintenance free decking, is cellular PVC vinyl. Cellular PVC vinyl decking is made up of 100% vinyl plastic - NO WOOD PRODUCTS! Plastic has no way of holding moisture therefor making it impervious to mold, mildew, rotting, splitting, etc. PVC vinyl is virtually fade resistant, so NO sanding or staining is needed. Made up of recycled plastics its makes cellular PVC Vinyl environmentally safe. Without the worry of maintenance you can cherish your home investment with family and guests year after year.

PVC vinyl remains safe for children and pets to play on. Vinyl decking is made with a wood grain like texture that provides excellent tractions when wet and dry, without splinters. Made with a hard-shell cap stock it can withstand extreme weather conditions without holding in moisture and will have minimal to zero ice buildup in the winter months adding excellent safety to your home. PVC decking come in many colors and is custom build for your home. PVC is the more expensive of the decking options but in the long run pays for itself being maintenance free. Staining and sanding can be costly depending on the size of your deck and being in Western New York our summer months are a time to cherish, enjoy and relax not time spent maintaining. PVC decking is the most advanced decking product, it's an investment you can trust. The key benefits of PVC Vinyl decking make it such a superior product it's the only option when it comes to your new deck.

Aged Wooden Decking Before


PVC Vinyl Decking After


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