Buffalo, NY Railings

The Vinyl Outlet is the #1 in Western New York when it comes to vinyl railings systems. We have tons of custom options to suit your needs! With over hundreds of railing installations a year, with our experienced installers. The Vinyl Outlet is the ONLY Company to choose when adding safety and beauty to your home!

The Vinyl Outlet has specifically sought out only the highest quality vinyl products for our customers in order to ensure that they are extremely happy with our product.

The vinyl used for our railings is extremely dense and therefore can outlast traditional forms of PVC that other companies use. In addition, all our PVC vinyl products are backed by a manufactures warranty to insure that if something does go wrong, you are not at a loss.


The Vinyl Outlet is a company you can trust.

Nowadays, vinyl railings can add tremendous amount of value and safety to your home. They add safety for family and friends, especially in the winter months when surfaces get icy.  Not only do vinyl railings need very little to no maintenance, but they last years longer than traditional wood or iron railings. You will also never have to paint or stain your railings!

The Vinyl Outlet has the BEST and most elite vinyl railing products on the market. In today's market, you want your home to have a lasting impression. That is easy to maintain with vinyl railings from The Vinyl Outlet of Western New York!


What makes our Vinyl Railings better than the rest?

  • Affordability - The price of the railing is the biggest issue for most home owners. Wood railings are cheaper up front. Vinyl railings cost more initially, but after installation there is virtually no maintenance to keep the vinyl railings in the same condition as when they were first installed. You can leave vinyl railings on your home for the next 15+ plus years worry free! Without having to fix, repaint, stain or repair them.
  • Appearance - The natural look of wood is what most  homeowners may like; wood railings have a rustic type of charm that blends with most landscapes, but after short time especially in western new York will start to turn gray, rot and will eventually mold. Vinyl railings, however, have a nice, modern, clean look as they are the latest and most innovative way to replace your railings. Our vinyl railings will never need to painted or stained. The railings also come in three attractive colors that guarantee not to fade, so you will always be able to match your home!
  • Maintenance & Durability - Our vinyl railings clearly have the edge among other products in maintenance and durability. They last a lifetime without the need for much maintenance at all. Just a light cleaning every now and then to remove dust and loose dirt will keep your vinyl railings in the most desirable condition. Plus, Our vinyl railings will not rot, crack, and they are also weather, and termite -proof. Wood railings, on the other hand, need to be sealed, stained and painted on a regular basis.
  • Warranty - Our vinyl railings are superior to wood railings when it comes to their warranties. Because wood is naturally susceptible to decay regardless of how well you have it treated, wood railings rarely come with a warranty , in fact many companies in the western new York area don't offer warranties on even their vinyl products. The Vinyl Outlet offers a lifetime manufacture warranty on all vinyl products. A lifetime warranty will put you at ease when investing in a quality vinyl system. The Vinyl Outlet also offers a installation and labor warranty for up to five years!

So when choosing a company to install new railings on your home The Vinyl Outlet is your only choice! TRUST IN THE BEST!

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