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VEKAdeck is an engineered 100% cellular PVC deck board made of recycled plastics that exceed ASTM standards. The product's low water absorption property makes it ideal for high humidity, pool or marine environments. Periodic cleaning with mild soap is all you’ll need to do to maintain your VEKAdeck.


VEKAdeck color options
Color options

Maintenance Free

Since VEKAdeck is made from 100% PVC and color stabilizers, this premium deck board will resist fading due to normal weather conditions. Season after season, your vinyl deck will not rot, chip, peel, blister or corrode, which means you do not need to plan for any costly maintenance beyond mild soap and periodic cleaning.


Invest in Durable Decking

Decks made out of VEKAdeck are built to last. The reinforced cellular PVC extrusion process gives VEKAdeck dimensional stability and protection from impacts, moisture, and temperature fluctuations. VEKAdeck is the perfect way to add long-lasting value and beauty to your home. 


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VEKAdeck Material Composition

VEKAdeck Woodgrain pattern


Key Features of VEKAdeck

Fade Resistant — Looks beautiful season after season with minimal maintenance.

Low Maintenance — Never needs painting or sealing.

Splinter Free — PVC compound will not splinter, flake or peel.

Easy to Clean — Impervious to the most contaminants,  you only need mild soap and water to clean your vinyl deck.

Water Resistant — VEKAdeck does not absorb moisture, making it ideal for high humidity and marine environments such as boat docks and pools.

Dimensionally Stable — Patented formulation expands and contracts less than 0.05%, which allows for end to end butt joints.

Fire Resistant — VEKAdeck self extinguishes in the event of a fire.

Lightweight — Cellular extrusion process yields low specific gravity, making VEKAdeck lighter than wood and composite materials.

Slip Resistant — Embossed wood grain anti-skid surface is slip-resistant when wet or dry. Never hot; it is always comfortable to touch.

Insect Resistant — 100% PVC blend is impervious to insects.