Over the past decade, the popularity of PVC decks has surged among homeowners who are seeking a more durable, lower-maintenance alternative to traditional wood decks, as well as those made from some of the less expensive composite materials. If you’ve ever wondered why so many people are choosing PVC as their go-to deck material, this article will explain some of the many advantages that PVC offers in both the immediate and long-term.

new pvc deck board installation

In short, PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, a remarkably durable material made entirely from special plastics, making it resistant to many of the natural elements that cause other materials to warp, degrade, and lose their luster over time. For homeowners seeking stunning looks, low maintenance, and a nice boost in curb appeal, it has quickly become the material of choice for decks, fences, porches, patios, and railings.

new grey pvc deck with white vinyl railings

custom grey pvc deck with white vinyl railings

If you’ve been planning on enhancing the look of your property with a new deck, here are some of the most impressive benefits of choosing PVC:

  • Insect resistant, 100% PVC deck board blend is impervious to insects
  • Fire Resistant and self extinguishes in the event of fire
  • The density of the materials prevents surface colors from fading
  • Unlike wood and composite, PVC decks never need to be painted
  • It’s a very strong, yet lightweight material that withstands the elements
  • PVC is shown to be one of the most versatile construction materials
  • PVC is extremely durable and impervious to water and mold
  • It’s ideal for structures located near water, such as pools, ponds, and waterfront

Other companies may install a cheaper, lesser-quality product like composite decking, and state their products are mold-resistant; however, many composite deck boards still contain ground-up wood fibers. When exposed to moisture, the wood will mold and rot from within. With Cellular PVC, it does not absorb moisture and is 100% PVC throughout, therefore making it a far superior deck or porch material.

If you’re in the Western NY area and still in the process of deciding which type of material to use for your new deck installation, The Vinyl Outlet is here to help. We’ve been serving homeowners in the Buffalo and WNY region for more than 30 years, and offer a diverse selection of PVC deck options for homes of every size and design style.

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